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The Room Company provides clients with a full design service. This guarantees that each design accurately reflects the ideas of the clients and is consistently and uniquely tailored to suit their needs, wants and dreams.

Since every project is unique and has its own set of requirements and challenges, The Room Company has developed a process to ensure the best and most professional service through all the stages of the design process – from inception to completion of the final details..

1Pre Project: Initial Meeting

Initial meeting, discussion and conversations to understand ideas, lifestyles, dreams, requirements, needs, likes, dislikes, budgets, time lines and a walk through the space/site.
When the client decides to move forward, a brief and fees will be agreed upon and The Room Company, will put together some ideas and concepts to gauge preferences and give as much choice as possible.

2Design Development Phase:

Once engaged on the project, The Room Company will produce PowerPoint presentations/sample boards plans of existing layout and proposed layout, including the recommended finishes, supplies and installation. These specifications will incorporate budget estimates and project scheduling.

3Specification Phase:

The approval of the final design signifies the end of the design development phase. During the next stage The Room Company will send the specifications out to builders for quotations and bids and will manage the responses. Together with the client, The Room Company will select the best candidate for the project.

4Project co ordination and Supervision:

The Room Company will direct and manage the building works, builders, sub contractors and all suppliers involved with the project. The Room Company will visit the site regularly to coordinate the trades, supply, delivery and installation of all the furnishings in line with the design and oversee finishing touches such as the placement of furniture, art works etc.

5Project Completion:

The project is concluded when the building works detailed on the specification documents and design brief has been completed and lighting, furniture and fixtures have been installed as per design brief.

6Follow Up:

The Room Company will meet with the client approximately 3 months after completion to make ensure that the client is completely satisfied.

Throughout all the stages, The Room Company will work closely with you to ensure that the design created is a home that is functional, practical, stylish and feels just right for you.

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