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Genny Has An Excellent Sense Of How Spaces Work

By Genny Henderson / September, 1, 2015 / 0 comments

Genny Henderson was commissioned to renovate my two bedroom flat in Golders Green and make it ready for rental. The flat had previously been rented for a period of 21 years to two elderly ladies.

For various reasons during this long let they had refused any kind of routine upkeep in terms of painting and wear and tear. As a result a complete overhaul of the property was required, including new electricals; the extension of the bathroom and adding a third room by reducing the area of the living and dining room. Genny was able to do an excellent job and in a very reasonable time frame of three months. Genny has an excellent sense of how spaces work and redrew the basic plan of the house in a way that worked without compromising the overall spaciousness of the flat despite the extension of the bathroom and addition of a third room.

Genny was also meticulously detailed in proving itemised invoices and costings for every part and piece of furnishing put into the flat. Her costs were reasonable and at every stage se ensured detailed discussions and cost estimates. As I was residing overseas at the time, I could not have wished for a better outcome. The flat is now rented again and at a higher rate than previously.