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Complete and complex rebuild of a listed four bedroom mansion block flat. The Room Company undertook the design and project management. The result is outstanding and continues to be widely admired.

We engaged The Room Company in a number of flat/maisonette refurbishments, including a whole building of 12 flats over a number of years. The quality was excellent and all projects were delivered on time, on budget and the expected high standard. Most apartments were rented within very sort space of time. 

I have worked with The Room Company for 14 years - not only on my own properties, but for other clients of mine, that need help and a professional eye. Some budgets have been quite small, and some large. Either way, the end results have always been positive and I have satisfied clients who marvel at the transformation. They also do furniture design, and quick turn-around renovations.

I was fortunate to be introduced to Genny Henderson by my neighbor who is a good friend and former Client of Genny's. 
From the moment I met her I knew she would do an amazing job remodeling the flat that I inherited from my parents. I am an Interior Designer as well, and live in the US and realized that I could not handle a long distance project without the help of a professional.Upon our first meeting, Genny understood my style and was able to source out the materials, finishes and fixtures that I was looking for. She has an innate ability to interpret and articulate one's ideas and vision.

Once we discussed the details of the project, we went on a field trip to various suppliers and we were able to select flooring materials, bathroom fixtures, kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, paint colours, wallpaper, light fixtures, etc. in less than 2 days.Genny has a great team of contractors and sub-contractors and between them they completed the remodeling of the entire 4 bedroom flat (2,540 Square feet) in less than 3 months! She was able to work within my constraints for budget and time.
Genny is an extremely talented professional Designer with an incredible eye for aesthetics. And what impressed me most is that the client/designer relationship evolved into a bond of friendship that has lasted to this day!

Genny Henderson was commissioned to renovate my two bedroom flat in Golders Green and make it ready for rental. The flat had previously been rented for a period of 21 years to two elderly ladies.

For various reasons during this long let they had refused any kind of routine upkeep in terms of painting and wear and tear. As a result a complete overhaul of the property was required, including new electricals; the extension of the bathroom and adding a third room by reducing the area of the living and dining room. Genny was able to do an excellent job and in a very reasonable time frame of three months. Genny has an excellent sense of how spaces work and redrew the basic plan of the house in a way that worked without compromising the overall spaciousness of the flat despite the extension of the bathroom and addition of a third room.

Genny was also meticulously detailed in proving itemised invoices and costings for every part and piece of furnishing put into the flat. Her costs were reasonable and at every stage se ensured detailed discussions and cost estimates. As I was residing overseas at the time, I could not have wished for a better outcome. The flat is now rented again and at a higher rate than previously.

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