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5 Things to Consider To Make Your Home Office Work For You

By Genny Henderson / September, 15, 2015 / 0 comments

Location: What area of your home would work best for a home office? If there is lots of space, a room can be allocated in a peaceful area of the Home.  If on the other hand space is at a premium the office will need to be integrated into the home in the least disruptive way

Study with custom bookcases and drawers

Study with custom bookcases and drawers

Lighting:  Lighting is very important, as too much or too little is a strain on the eyes.  If your home office area is next to a window so much the better in the daytime but if the room is naturally dark you will need lighting preferably on a dimmer from above, from at least two sources: one table height and one ceiling level.

Décor:  Bear in mind the decor of your home;  be it traditional or contemporary the office should blend in with the style of your home.  Keep the furniture in sync with the existing pieces  so it blends seamlessly with the entire look.   



Storage: A perfect home study environment requires adequate storage that meets your needs. When considering how much storage you actually need, decide if you prefer a paperless office or  if would you rather have bookshelves where you can store files? With a smaller space, a paperless office would be ideal.  However, in my experience, completely paperless is impossible to achieve, as every home office will accumulate paper.

If you decide to use bookcases to store your files, invest in matching coloured files as this gives the study a more inviting look.      A good looking trunk could provide great storage for files as well as providing a useable surface.  There are also good looking filing cabinets in glorious colours that could fit under a desk and fit into the colour scheme.

Desks The first thought should be “what size desk do I need and how much available space do I have?”  “How often do I use the desk?  Do I want it out of sight?”    If you need to work with lots of samples you will need a large surface area.   If however you are working mainly online the desk size will not be as vital.    There are many modern desks on the market even smart ones that move up or down according to your needs.




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