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Genny is an exceptional interior designer who considers herself fortunate to do what she loves – being creative. For Genny, designing and creating is a life long passion and that passion is evident in each and every one of her projects. She believes that interior design is not about arranging furniture and picking out fabric colours. It is about creative space planning, imaginative lighting and designing the delightful, functional living spaces that her clients dream about.

Her expertise combines the worlds of fashion, fabric and textiles and interior design. With an entrepreneurial spirit that challenges the mundane, she has designed many of the largest properties in London always in line with the ever evolving wants and needs of her clients.

Genny founded The Room Company in 1995 and for over 20 years has designed the interiors of London homes located in Westminster, Mayfair and Marylebone. Over the last decade, she has been the Interior Designer of choice forprivate clients and residential investment property owners

Prior to opening The Room Company, Genny was a well-known and successful London couture fashion designer whose private label collections were featured on both sides of the Atlantic and featured by Harrods, Saks and Neiman Marcus.

Genny is a dynamic and motivated designer and she believes that it’s those little things she does for her clients and her ‘can do’ attitude that are fundamental to her success.

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