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About The Room Company

Using the most straightforward of definitions, interior design is ‘the art of designing the interior of a room or building’. In line with that definition, The Room Company offers a wide range of interior design services to both private clients and residential investment property owners. We work with a network of skilled craftspeople and offer a bespoke furniture and lighting design service.

We love what we do and it reflects in our work…. our clients value the attention to detail we bring to each and every project, our enthusiasm and the ability to translate their dreams into inspiring, functional spaces. The Room Company’s unique spaces are generally inspired by a client’s favourite object, an inspirational piece or a particular style; This kind of insight helps Genny the founder of the Room Company to design exceptional spaces that fulfill a client’s dreams, needs and lifestyle.

We genuinely enjoy transforming a client’s visions and ideas into extraordinary and unique living spaces The Room Company specialises in translating ideas and visions into the homes and living spaces that clients dream about. Genny’s passion for design, fabrics, colour and lighting were the foundation on which she started The Room Company in 1995. She genuinely enjoys helping clients turn ideas into reality and has built a reputation for going that extra mile or two for her clients. That spirit is at the heart of The Room Company.

Are you at the ‘considering your options’ stage? Whatever your project – bathroom or kitchen refit, or a full house renovation, please call us on 07872 069 542 or email for an initial consultation.

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